Our tomatoes are cultivated in nursery, greenhouses and open field cultivation areas contained within Kurt Agriculture Integrated Plants in accordance with our quality standards.


As we produce our tomato seedlings within our structure, we are able to keep world standards at all stages of the production.


Besides, we produce our tomatoes with the tomato seedlings produced by us and our contractual farmers in agricultural lands within our facilities by making no concession to our quality standards. Our engineers provide technical support to our farmers at all stages of the production. Therefore we also make contribution to local community and economy.



Harvested tomatoes are sorted depending on their types as Sun Dried or Oven Dried.


Tomatoes to be dried in the ovens are cleaned and then  calibrated. Depending on the demand; they are cut by the machines as half, segment, sliced or diced according to the demanded sizes.



Tomatoes which were cut according to the demanded sizes are transferred into the baking trays and oven-dried at the demanded humidity values with or without Sulphur.


Tomatoes to be sun-dried are cut hygienically through the machines after they are cleaned, then they are picked over and dried on the ground covers at our integrated plants as salted or with Sulphur depending on the demand.



Sun-dried tomatoes are packed and kept in the storages at 4°C

Semi-dry tomatoes are deep-frozen at -40°C or by IQF system and kept in the storages at -18°C after they are packed at the demanded weight in grams

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